Home-School Option

Independent Learning At Home

If you are interested in or planning to home school this school year because of COVID-19 related concerns, Good Shepherd has a program that may be very helpful for you. This program allows you to utilize our curriculum as you home school your child, but we administer the tests and keep academic records for you. We do the initial placement testing for the curriculum, provide the curriculum, and issue it to you book by book as your child finishes their work and is tested. This allows you to work flexibly at home with your child, and at the same time maintain official records that can be transferred from Good Shepherd when your child is ready to transition back to school.
This program requires that your child come to the school a minimum of one day every three weeks to have their work checked and to be tested on their completed work. Home school students work right alongside our other students on the same schedule when they are at school, and parents are charged $50 for the day.
Please call our office for more details if you are interested. This is great option for those who need support in home schooling or who are unable to afford private school full time.

Teacher leading an elementary class in an activity
An elementary class student working on a school workbook