Grade & Elementary School Programs

Independent Learning

From the preschool classes to Kindergarten, we are teaching our students to become independent learners.  This comes to full bloom in our grade school program.

Through the use the student-centered curriculum, Accelerated Christian Education, your child learns to work, think, and learn independently.  Our trained teachers facilitate this learning process and provide one-on-one tutoring to students when they experience difficulty learning a new concept.  Students are taught to set educational goals for themselves, and they appreciate the feeling of success at completing these goals.

This is also a mastery based program.  Students must master key concepts before moving on to new material, ensuring that they are learning the vital information they need to be successful students.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in our Music and Art program.  The students’ work is showcased in our spring art show and in our Christmas and spring concerts.


2021-2022 School Calendar:

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Teacher leading an elementary class in an activity
An elementary class student working on a school workbook