Many Good Shepherd students enter Kindergarten already able to read. But what makes our program rise about the rest? Why is Beverly so excited about reading that she would rather sit and read to Alex than play with other toys during free time?

We believe that one reason Good Shepherd students become so excited about reading are our reading circles.

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn. We help satisfy their needs by teaching them language development and phonics beginning as early as our Toddler class. This progresses through each class, and when the child enters the Beginner class, they start participating in reading circle.

Students in the Beginner and Advanced classes will meet with their teacher for reading circle each day. They begin by using flashcards to learn vowels, then move on to consonants. These drills are designed to help the students learn their letters while also building confidence. After the student has passed all of their letters, they learn how to identify, pronounce, and read letter blends. Then they move on to words, and eventually short sentences.

After a student has passed their letters, they receive “Little Books” to read and learn from as they try to master new letter blends and sentences. Once they “pass” each book, they get to take it home!

Passing letters and Little Books is exciting for the children, and they are always eager to let everyone know when they have passed a new set of letters or book! Children are usually very eager to read their little book to others after they pass it and get to take it home.

Reading circles are an exciting part of each day for Beginner and Advanced class students at Good Shepherd, and are the heart of our preschool program. We hope that your children will be coming home soon with books in hand!