What is National School Choice Week?

National School Choice Week was celebrated across the country by all sorts of schools! Private schools (like Good Shepherd Day Care and Grade School), home schools, public schools, charter schools all are choices for parents when they are looking at the best choices for their children. Parents want the best learning environment for their children and so do we!


What do we do?

Our classrooms are run very much like preschool classrooms from our Explorer/Toddler classes to our Advanced Classrooms up to our Grade School (K-8th grades). We incorporate a healthy balance of play, learning, Bible stories and songs, art and music and plenty of physical exercise, both inside and out!

Our Classrooms:

Our classrooms are kept at smaller numbers and are big on experiences!

Our Nursery (starting at 6 weeks) incorporate tummy time each day along with singing, reading books and playing.



Our Explorer/Toddler classrooms (12-24 months) begin having circle learning times throughout the day along with Bible stories! They are introduced to numbers, letters, shapes and colors; play with the teachers with developmentally appropriate toys and have outside time (when the weather is nice).

Our Discovery class (24-36 months) begin having learning times focused around our curriculum; expertly chosen to develop as the child develops. All lessons and activities are age appropriate and focus on student learning!
The Discovery class also incorporates singing, dancing, art, and outside play time.

When a child moves to our Beginner classes (3-5 years) they intensely focus on numbers, letters and letter sounds and themes that are in our curriculum! They incorporate songs into the learning of their numbers and letter; weather and calendar knowledge. They play learning games to aid in the learning and development inside and outside. They also focus on fine motor development through coloring, tracing and writing.

In our Advanced class (3.5-5 years and potty trained) our students progress in their learning of love of reading! They take the letter sounds and letter knowledge learned in the Beginner class and put it all together! Of course, they play games, sing songs, and continue their fine motor development through coloring, tracing and writing.





Our Grade School

At Good Shepherd we offer a Kindergarten program as well as a 1st through 8th grade program. Using a self-paced curriculum, our students progress through their course work at their own pace. They learn goal setting, teamwork, ability to cross reference to gain information and to learn about the love of Christ through their coursework. They enjoy several field trips each year and have local learning opportunities where learning about the world around them is the focus.

The goal of school choice week is to allow parents a peek inside what different schools do and figure out what the best option for their child is! If you’d like to explore Good Shepherd School and Day Care more, call us to set up a tour! We’d love to hear from you!


Our preschool program grows and develops the love of reading, writing, learning about numbers and letters as well as learning about Jesus and Bible stories throughout the year!